Ocean reminds her grace

Ocean reminds her grace

Ocean reminds her grace

In the evening's ocean light, a tale unfolds,
A memory cherished, a love that still holds.
As waves caress the shore with gentle grace,
I wander back in time, to that enchanted place.

The sun descends, painting the sky in gold,
Whispering secrets, stories yet untold.
The waves, they dance, kissed by the twilight's gleam,
A symphony of colors, like in a lover's dream.

I remember her love, like a beacon's glow,
Her laughter, like seagulls on the breeze did flow.
Her eyes, like ocean depths, a world unknown,
In their depths, my heart found a home of its own.

With each ebb and flow, my heart still recalls,
The tender moments, where time would stall.
Hand in hand, we strolled along the shore,
Leaving footprints, imprinted forevermore.

The ocean's light, a reminder of her grace,
Of love that lingers, no time can erase.
Though she may be gone, her spirit remains,
In the whispers of the waves, in nature's refrains.

And as the evening ocean light embraces my soul,
I find solace, knowing she's a part of the whole.
For in every sunset's hue and twilight's hue,
Her love still lives on, forever true.

So let the evening ocean light guide my way,
To reminisce and cherish, each passing day.
In this poetic dance, her memory will shine,
In the twilight's glow, eternally intertwined.

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